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Seal of Biliteracy


The Oregon Seal of Biliteracy is a significant acknowledgement of the culmination of our dual language programs, it recognizes and values student’s heritage languages, and is a valuable credential for our bilingual students. The award not only is a part of the high school transcript and diploma, but it also certifies biliteracy for employers and universities. It is a statement of accomplishment that helps to signal evidence of a student’s readiness for career and/or college, and engage as a global citizen. It is our honor to bestow this award at this ceremony. Over the last five years we have recognized the hard work and determination of 429 WHS graduating seniors who have proven their biliterate linguistic abilities in two languages through the rigorous Seal of Biliteracy process.


Special thanks to all teachers in grades K through 12 who have inspired, prepared and supported bi-cultural, bi-literate students over their educational career. The recipients of this prestigious award have often expressed their gratitude to the Woodburn School District and teachers for encouraging their linguistic development in two or more languages. Many culturally and linguistically diverse students speak a third language at home, and have proudly expressed the intrinsic value of preserving their language as part of their cultural heritage.

Seal of Biliteracy - 2019


Seal of Biliteracy - 2018


Seal of Biliteracy Flyer