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Resident K-8 students who move out of the Woodburn School District  may request to continue to attend school where they are presently enrolled by visiting their new resident district and filing inter-district paperwork.  

Resident K-8 students who would like to attend another district need to be released from Woodburn School District. They may request to do so by:

  1. Fill out the Application for Nonresident Transfer Request (below)
  2. Submitting the Application to the District Office by mail, email, or in person.
  3. Please allow 2-3 weeks to process.
  4. The receiving district will be in contacted regarding approval/denial.

The District Office is located at 1390 Meridian Drive, Woodburn, OR 97071 or emailing it to  

Non-resident K-8 students who would like to attend Woodburn School District should contact their resident district office for their resident requirements. 

High School:  High School Transfers are currently closed.

Need help?  For questions regarding transfers please contact Jenne Marquez at 503-981-2701.

Non-Resident Transfer Application Form