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Community Transition Programs

This specialized program is designed to provide adult students, ages 18-21, first-hand experiences with functional living, community, and job skills. The curriculum consists of functional academics, job skills, and preparation for independent and/or supported living. Students eligible for the transitions program include students who have one or more disabilities making them eligible for special education services, have completed four-years of high school with a modified or extended diploma or certificate of attendance, and are between the ages of 18 and 20 by the start of the school year. Students who turn 21 during the school year may remain in the program until the end of the school year. This is a district level program provided at Bridges and community sites.


Bridges is a structured community transition program for students ages 18-21 who have graduated with a non-standard diploma (i.e., Modified, Extended, or Certificate of Attendance). Students enrolled in Bridges are provided with classroom instruction and community based opportunities, with a focus on pre-vocational and vocational skills. The services provided are outlined in a student’s IEP.

Primary Location:
1495 Aztec Drive
Woodburn, OR 97071      
Phone: (971) 983-3532

Youth Transition Program (YTP Services)

The Youth Transition Program (YTP) is designed to assist high school students with diagnosed disabilities prepare for competitive employment when they leave high school.

When a student qualifies for the YTP, Transition Specialists together with counselors from the Office of Vo­cational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS) work with each student to create an individualized plan that can include assistance with employment seeking skills, job site vis­its, on-the-job training, transition planning and follow up services.
YTP collaborates with the OVRS to involve community business partners, local agencies and schools in transitioning youth from school to work. The collaborative effort between all agencies in­volved in providing youth transition services, along with the support and participation from each student and their family, ensures the best possibility of a successful outcome in the transition from school to work or vocational training for students of Woodburn School District.
Students for this program who meet eligibility requirements and help them develop job skills as we prepare them for the workplace of today.

Our recommendations are based on matching students with jobs according to their abilities and their interests.

Our goal is for each student to become competitively employed and for businesses to gain motivated, productive employees.

Services May Include:
●     Pre-employment
●     Evaluations, Assessments & Skill Building
●     Resume Writing
●     Mock Interviews
●     Job Shadows
●     Work Experiences
●     On-the-job Training
●     Vocational Training
●     Assistance with Agency Referrals

Transition Resources