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Special Education Eligibility Process

The Special Education Process

Disability Categories

Disability Categories
Special Education Placement and Instruction Options

Special Education Evaluation & Intervention Team

If a student is referred for Special Education evaluation, Woodburn Schools are required by both federal and state law to implement and follow a specific criteria when identifying possible suspected disabilities. For additional information please refer to the following contact list.
Sarah Kiswell
School Psychologist - Heritage Elementary School & Woodburn High School (12th Grade)
Dana Rainis
School Psychologist - French Prairie Middle School & Woodburn High School (11th Grade)
Rebecca Henry
School Psychologist - Valor Middle School, Woodburn Success High School & Bridges Transition Program
Sarah Wylder
School Psychologist - Lincoln Elementary School
Heidi Song
School Psychologist - Woodburn High School (9th & 10th Grade)