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Special Education

Special Education is the education of students with special needs. Students must meet specific disability eligibility requirements in order to receive special Education Services.All students are entitled to a free, appropriate public education. If a student has a disability that requires specialized instruction and they meet eligibility criteria, then that student qualifies for Special Education. In Woodburn Public Schools, we believe all students can learn. Our outstanding Special Education Staff at each school work with parents to design and implement individualized plans to help each student succeed.


Special Education Terms:


IEP: The “Individualized Educational Plan” for a student in special education. This is developed by a team, including the parent, and is reviewed at least once per year.
LRE: Our district offers a continuum of placement options, from extra support in the general education classroom, to specialized classes. Placement decisions are always made in the “Least Restrictive Environment.”
SPED: Special Education is often abbreviated as SpEd.



Special Education Staff:

Nellie Muir Elementary
Jennifer Whittington, Learning Specialist
Lisa Boehnlein, Speech Pathologist
Shannon Brooks, School Psychologist

Heritage Elementary
Kristin Hall, Learning Specialist
Anne McCormack, Learning Specialist
Kristine Smith, Intensive Learning Center
Cindy Cordray, Intensive Learning Center
Heather Eason, Speech Pathologist
Sarah Kiswell, School Psychologist

Lincoln Elementary
Carrie Lea, Learning Specialist
Emily Rue, Learning Specialist
Cyd McCormick, Intensive Learning Center
Gwenyn Sasaki, Intensive Learning Center

Thom Retsema, Speech Pathologist
Mary Sperling, School Psychologist

Washington Elementary
Sara Henschel, Learning Specialist
Megan Jantzi, Speech Pathologist
Shannon Brooks, School Psychologist

French Prairie Middle School
Timothy Montgomery, Learning Specialist
Jamie Kading, Learning Specialist
Martha Equihua, Learning Specialist
Andrea Cuellar, Intensive Learning Center
Kathy Mincer, Speech Pathologist
Mary Sperling, School Psychologist

Valor Middle School
Tim Camp, Learning Specialist
Desiree Alloway, Learning Specialist
Chris D’Angelo, Learning Specialist
Ashley Robinson, Intensive Learning Center
Christina Slusarczyk, Speech Pathologist
Shannon Brooks, School Psychologist


Jeff Barker, Learning Specialist

Karen Rael, Learning Specialist

Vanessa Santillanes, Learning Specialist
Joy Wilson, Intensive Learning Center

Erika Ingraham, Learning Specialist
Sabra Quimby, Intensive Learning Center

James Wenrich, Learning Specialist

Brian Murray, Learning Specialist

Melanie Beiser, Career and Service Learning Specialist

CJ High, Transition Specialist
Corina Perez, Career and Service Learning Specialist

Kathy Mincer, Speech Pathologist


Woodburn Child Find Information
The Woodburn School District locates, evaluates and serves children from birth through age 21 with cognitive, motor, social, behavior, speech, language, hearing or vision needs. If you know a child who may have a need in one or more of these areas or if you would like more information about our services, please contact:
〮Birth to age 5: Willamette Education Service District Coordinator for screenings and evaluations:
〮Yamhill County: 503-435-5940
〮Marion and Polk Counties: 503-385-4714
〮Kindergarten through age 21: Dana Christie, Woodburn School District Director of Student Services,