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Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Section 504 regulations require school districts to provide appropriate education to students with disabilities and Woodburn School District has an ongoing commitment to the education of ALL children in accordance with our mission statement.

Woodburn School District Board Policies can be found on the Woodburn School District website at: or under the “Quick Links” tab. The Section 504 forms are available in English and Spanish. Each school in the district has a 504 Coordinator and at least one 504 Case Manager. See below for a list at each school.

Evaluation & Eligibility Determination

If the Section 504 team determines that an evaluation is appropriate for the student, no evaluation can occur without written parental consent. After consent for evaluation is signed by the parent, the evaluation process begins with gathering information from all sources. The types of records or information may include medical, mental health, behavioral, psychological, etc. If the Section 504 team determines if the student has a disability under Section 504 and whether the student needs a 504 Student Accommodation Plan. If needed, the law also requires periodic re-evaluation of the student and annual review of the 504 Student Accommodation Plan.

Concerns or Referrals

The district must find students who may qualify for services under Section 504. Each school in the district has a Student Intervention Team (SIT). Any teacher, counselor, other school personnel, or a student’s parent, may bring a concern to the school’s team, including concerns about students with possible disabilities. Parents must present their request for Section 504 evaluation in writing. The school will respond to the request within 10 days.

Section 504 Complaint Process

Employee Complaint:
Employees who believe discrimination has occurred relative to equal educational opportunity for students shall present their grievances through the District’s established procedures and in accordance with the negotiated agreements.
If the employee is not satisfied with the administrator’s decision, the written complaint may be presented to the Title VI Coordinator who will investigate the matter and make a report to the complainant and the immediate supervisor within ten (10) working days. If not satisfied with the decision of the Title VI Coordinator, the complainant may then file an appeal with the Superintendent for a final decision.
Non-employee Complaint:
The Title VI Coordinator also shall be notified of any complaint made by any person who is not an employee of the District, charging unfair discrimination relative to equal educational opportunity. The office shall investigate the matter and make a report and recommendations to the Superintendent.
Persons may, after exhausting local grievance procedures or 45 days, whichever occurs first, appeal in writing to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Superintendent shall review the District’s procedures and findings of fact to determine if proper procedures were followed and what action if any shall be taken.

Section 504 Staff


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