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School Counseling



Overview of Counseling Program

The Woodburn School District's Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is based on Oregon’s Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and upon the American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) National Model.  We believe that students need academic, career, personal-social, and community involvement skills and knowledge for success in school and in life. These are attainable when the program is provided in an equitable, consistent and developmental way for every student. We also believe that a comprehensive guidance and counseling program is an essential and integral part of our district’s educational program. With that in mind, School Counseling is a program, not a collection of supplemental or ancillary services. It is integrated into the entire educational program and is designed to reach all students. It is both prevention and intervention focused. It is organized and implemented systematically. It is accountable and data-driven.

The program addresses the following domains of students’ lives:
                    ●            Academic Development - Learning to Learn
                    ●            Career Development - Learning to Work
                    ●            Social/Emotional Development - Learning to Live
                    ●            Community Involvement - Learning to Contribute
The program is implemented through the following components:
                 ●            DIRECT STUDENT SERVICES
                                           ○            School Counseling Core Curriculum
                                           ○            Individual Student Planning
                                           ○            Responsive Service
                 ●            INDIRECT STUDENT SERVICES
                                           ○            Referrals, Consultation & Collaboration
                                           ○            System Support & Integration
                                           ○            Student Advocacy

The WSD counseling program is an essential component of the educational experience of all students. K-12 Counseling Programs address the needs of the whole student. A comprehensive school counseling program is developmental and sequential in nature. This comprehensive program addresses students’ needs in three domains: academic, social-emotional, and college and career. All students have the right to the benefits of a proactive and preventive program designed to maximize success for each person, while minimizing the frequency and impact of crisis, students experience of a well-designed school counseling program, will better prepare students to meet the challenges of life and work.

Elementary School Counselors

Teresa Salazar
Counselor - Washington Elementary
Marisa Estrada
Counselor - Heritage Elementary
Abel Valdez
Counselor - Heritage Elementary
Maria Alexander "Alex" Castaneda
Counselor - Lincoln Elementary
Lorena Ochoa
Counselor - Lincoln Elementary
Alyssa Fulks
Counselor - Nellie Muir Elementary

Middle School Counselors

Efrain Alonso
Counselor - Valor Middle School
Wendy Schmidt
Counselor - Valor Middle School
Yesenia Ruelas
Counselor - French Prairie Middle School
Araceli Cortes Rodriguez
Counselor - French Prairie Middle School

High School Counselors

Chelena River
Counselor - Woodburn High School
Reyna Moreno
Counselor - Woodburn High School
Juana Arias Cuellar
Counselor - Woodburn high School
Dianne Sutherland
Counselor - Woodburn high School
Randi Messer
Counselor - Woodburn high School


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