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Crisis Response & Resources

Crisis Response Team

A Crisis Response Team may be activated when a serious crisis such as a student or staff death occurs.  The Crisis Response Team provides support for students and staff as they move through the initial phases of grief and understanding of the tragic event.  The Crisis Response team includes qualified people, in and out of the district, who have permission from their administrators to support at a moment's notice where they are needed. 
Building Administrator’s decide when a Crisis Response is needed and contact the Student Services Department to activate the team.  The team is made up of specially trained counselors, nurses, psychologists, and educators who support the emotional and communication needs of the school building through the time of initial crisis.

Assistance from the Crisis Team includes:

  • Crisis management procedural support for building administration.
  • Coping strategy information for building staff.
  • Support Rooms for students and/or staff in crisis.
  • Virtual support for students and/or staff in crisis.
  • Monitoring and support for students/staff in need.
  • Filling in for building staff so they can deal with the crisis.
  • Facilitating community referrals and networking.
  • Assisting with follow-up needs.

Helpful Documents & Resource Guides