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School Safety

Emergency Procedures, Closures and Delays

CURRENT STATUS  – check here for updates on school closures, delays, or emergency alerts

Emergency Preparedness Plan/ Standard Response Protocol

All schools have emergency plans that address a variety of crisis situations. Our schools’ safety program includes the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). The SRP is based on these four actions.:


For more information, please review the handouts below.


Please sign up for our alert system to be notified of any school closures or delays. Click here to sign up!

WSD procedure for Emergency Closing of Schools and Offices

In the event of inclement weather, employees, students, and parents should be signed up for our Flash Alerts notifications. Or, listen to radio and television announcements for information about the closing of schools and offices.

The Superintendent of Schools will decide whether to close the school district, then make an official announcement.

Employees, students, and parents who miss the media announcements can call (503) 981-9555 for details.

Please sign up for our alert system to be notified of any school closures or delay.  SIGN UP at Flash Alerts

School Closures

Flash Alerts

Inclement Weather Questions

Please call this number (503-981-9555) during regular business hours (7:30 am- 4:30 pm) for inclement weather questions.  For the most updated information during non-business hours please visit our inclement weather webpage.

School-related emergencies

Should be reported to Woodburn Police (911)