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Summer School Staff

Frequently Asked Questions
Certified staff will be paid per diem for any/all work directly with students.  Planning, training, set-up, clean-up, and other non-contact work is paid curriculum rate.
It is very important that we have constant staff.  However, we understand that things happen.  Here is the protocol:
    • Pre-Arranged Absences:  Must be pre-approved.  Details are coming soon.
    • Illness/Emergencies:  contact us as soon as possible to arrange a sub.
The differential is being paid per hour.  You will be paid your differential for each hour that you working. It is very important that we have constant staff.  However, we understand that things happen.  Please see the FAQ "Do I need to work every day" for more information.
If you have turned in all of your paperwork to TSPC you will be eligible to apply and work!  Once you have done that, please contact Human Resources to ensure that your license is being activated and then please contact for additional details.  If you are sure you will be eligible as indicated above you may apply here:
AM Academic Staff work Monday-Friday 7:30-1:30.  However, some Fridays we may have field trips and will need extra staffing for those days.  This is optional, but paid.  If we don't have field trips, Fridays will be reserved for fun things like art, music, etc.  Fridays are also reserved for teachers to complete the required student evaluations.
Anyone who is not on contract during the summer may qualify for the differential, internally or externally.  This includes:
  • Teachers
  • Instructional assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Counselors
  • HSCs
  • Nutrition Services
  • Health Assistants
  • Student Teachers (see the Student Teacher FAQ)
If you are not sure if you qualify, please contact for information. 
  • Adult volunteers:  We are unable to accept adult volunteers at this time.  If you are eligible to work for WSD instead, we encourage you to do that!  Please contact us by calling/texting 503-308-9272 or at for information and then apply on our Jobs Page.
  • Volunteers age 16-17:  Why not just get paid!!  We will hire you to instead!  Earn money, get work experience, and more!  Apply here.  If you still want to just volunteer, please fill out the top page of the volunteer application form and submit it to 
  • Volunteers age 15 and younger:  Younger volunteers must fill out the top page of the volunteer application form and submit it to 
This program will be entirely on-site with students "in seat."  CDL is not being planned at this time.
Summer School and Camp fall under ODE guidance for Early Childcare, After School Programs, etc.  All appropriate protocols and requirements for COVID will be strictly adhered to, but these may be different from those requirements in place during hybrid.  For additional information, please click here.
If you are asked to work to directly support special education students then you will receive your SpEd rate.  If you are working with general education students in the regular cohort setting you will receive the regular rate.  
Internal candidates (those who already work for WSD) should apply here:
If you want to work for both programs, please apply on both applications!!
External candidates (student teachers and those who are not already employed by WSD) should apply here: 


Other Questions:
Do you have a question not on here?  Email it to