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Woodburn Summer Schools

Welcome to the Woodburn Summer School 2021 Website!  We are excited you are here and want to learn more!  Here you will find news and information related to summer programming for K-7 in Woodburn School Disrict.  
We are building our biggest, best, and most ambitious summer school program ever!  We will be having summer school programs at the following locations:
We have working on an amazing curriculum this summer, which all new, hands-on learning for students!  Since most students have been inundated with technology the past year, we are focusing on more tangible teaching methods for summer!  Our foci will be:
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Social-Emotional
  • STEM
Each program will be supported centrally, but operated independently by the building administration and additional program leadership.  A record number of teachers, assistants and others have all signed up to help out!
To register for a program, please contact your local school office.