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WSD Online Learning Program

The ‘21-’22 school year will have an option for families to access learning via an online platform. 

This online platform will include a majority of asynchronous coursework through a digital learning platform in which students would work predominantly independently. This means your student will not be working face to face with a teacher for the majority of their learning.  


Students will also have synchronous (Zoom face-to-face) instruction opportunities for Social-Emotional Learning and Language Development.  Because the bulk of the content will be delivered asynchronously through a learning platform developed by an educational partner, asynchronous content will be in English.  


There will also be some second language asynchronous opportunities for students.  Throughout the ‘21-’22 school year, we will be working to further develop our Spanish and Russian online courses so we can offer expanded language learning experiences in the coming years. 


If more families request slots than are available, we will use a lottery system to determine the selection process.  

Online Learning '21-'22

Please fill out the form linked below if you are interested in online learning for the 2021-2022 school year. Please note that if there is more interest than slots available, we will utilize a lottery system to determine enrollment.