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Limited In-Person Instruction

What is Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI)? 

Under the Oregon Department of Education guidelines for LIPI, schools Schools operating in the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) instructional model are able to bring a limited number of students for limited hours and with specific conditions on-site.


ODE recently released new information and guidance for Limited In-Person Instruction during Comprehensive Distance Learning. The following are some of the requirements outlined in the document.


  • Cohort groups are limited to no more than 20 students at a given time in a cohort. Students cannot be part of more than two cohorts in any given week.

  •  The time a single student or student cohort of any size can spend in a school building on a given day is limited to two consecutive hours and cannot be intermittent.

  • Limited in-person instruction cannot replace the requirements of CDL for any learner. Districts under CDL must adhere to the requirements of CDL while bringing students onsite under exceptions.

  • For students who experience disability, offers of FAPE cannot require students to come on-site during limited in-person instruction to satisfy requirements of SDI or related services. Students must continue to have full provisions of FAPE under CDL.

  • For students who require language instruction, schools cannot require students to come on-site during limited in-person instruction as the sole means of providing instructional services under Title III. 
  • Schools cannot require students to participate in LIPI. Students who choose not to participate in LIPI remain entitled to a full educational experience, including the provision of FAPE, as applicable, through CDL. 

For more detailed information, read the latest update from ODE, Guidance for Limited In-Person Instruction CDL.