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Health and Safety FAQ

Health and Safety FAQ:

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to staff and students? Masks will be provided to anyone who needs or requests. We will also have gowns and gloves available to those who wish to use.
How will students and staff clean their hands? Each room will have easy access to hand sanitizer. Most classrooms have had hand sanitizing units installed directly outside their room (some are located in classrooms). The District will also supplement with individual hand sanitizer pumps where needed. You will also find hand cleaning stations at every entrance and exit with the expectation that everyone will sanitize their hands upon entry and when leaving.
How will you communicate safety expectations to staff and students? At each site, you will find CDC and OHA recommended signage in all three languages regarding masks’ required use, observance of social distancing, and symptom identification. These expectations will continue to be sent out through social media and covered prior to anyone accessing on-site learning.
How will the screening process work at schools? Before entering a WSD site, all staff and students are asked to self-screen at home and not report to on-site learning if they have any symptoms or been around anyone who has tested positive. If either of these things should occur, they will follow Marion County Health’s recommended quarantine period. Staff should notify their supervisor immediately, and students should contact the school. Once at school and before entering the building, all students will be screened by a staff member. They will check their temperature and review the visual screener to verify the student may enter.

What happens if a student or staff becomes symptomatic at school or does not pass the screening process? The school has already set up two rooms on-site.
One room is a “screening/processing” room. Staff or students would go here if they are in need of a more thorough screening.
If a staff or student shows clear signs of COVID, they will be escorted immediately to the “triage” room.
They will be isolated in this room until someone can transport them to receive medical attention. Anyone accessing the triage room will be required to wear full PPEs, and the room will be immediately cleaned when it is emptied.
Does the air ventilation system recirculate air? No. Our system is designed to pump air from the outside into the school and then pump it outside. It does not operate like an airplane that recirculates air.
WSD has upgraded systems to a MERV 13 filter, which is the highest recommended by OHA/CDC for our systems. We have also begun a system check with an outside agency to verify that our systems are operating correctly and functioning in the safest manner possible.
How will the sites be cleaned? Custodians will continuously clean high touch point areas throughout the day. Each room will have access to a hand sanitizing station, a bottle of cleaner, and a microfiber towel used to wipe down touchpoints in the classrooms. These towels are washed daily, and clean ones are provided at the start of each new day. WSD also has “foggers” (electrostatic sprayers) that will be used in high traffic areas.
How will busses be cleaned? The District has worked with First Student to provide training and a process for sanitizing buses after each round of transportation. Upon completing their routes, bus drivers will use the fogger to disinfect the entire bus.
Will we have access to water fountains? No. Water fountains will not be accessible and we encourage staff and students to bring water from home if it is needed.
Will students and staff be able to interact with others when they are on campus? No. Staff and students will be placed in specific cohorts. These cohorts will not interact. They will have separate passing times and will access facilities such as bathrooms separately and only after they have been cleaned. This cleaning will be coordinated with custodial services.
If a student or staff member tests positive or has been in close contact to someone who has, do I need to notify the school? Yes. Please do so immediately. This allows us to perform contract tracing with the Local Health Authority to determine next steps.
What about co-curricular events. Will they be starting? The District is beginning to phase in co-curricular events. These events will follow the same protocols. Students will be placed in cohorts, all safety procedures will be followed, and staff supervising will be required to screen all applicants.
Will volunteers or parents be allowed on campus? At this time, no. In order to better control possible exposures, only staff and students will be allowed on campus.
What training will be provided to staff and students? Staff and students reporting on site will be provided safety expectations and brief training videos related to social distancing, hand washing, symptoms, and how to wear a mask. All staff completed a COVID safe schools training video at the beginning of the year and may access it again if they would like to review it. They will also be given directions on how to practice and operate during a safety emergency or drill.
How does the District plan for Limited in Person Instruction (LIPI) activities? Prior to a LIPI activity beginning, the site must complete a LIPI checklist to ensure all elements are being considered. These activities were generated by a joint committee of Administrators, Teachers, and Classified staff focused on providing critical services to our students during this time. The individual planning the activity is then required to make a LIPI manual specific to their activity that covers all safety components which include; mapping of the facility for traffic flow, safety reminders and expectations for staff, students and parents, seating requirements for the activity, identified screening and triage rooms and processes, and talking points to share with families/students when we call them to set up the activity.

How does the District determine if they can open for hybrid given the Governor’s recent shift in making metrics “advisory” and not “mandatory”? The District will continue to monitor the county metrics to help guide us. We will continue to document all exposures and report them to Marion County Health. When exposure is reported at one of our sites, the County provides us an “exposure outbreak” number. They then contact OHA and we are monitored for 28 days. During that time, if more exposures are confirmed at that site, they will provide us guidance on the next steps.

Vaccines and Testing Information: The District has partnered with outside organizations to be proactive in offering vaccines and testing. We will continue to push out information regarding opportunities as we receive them. The District actively participates in multiple state and county level groups that are specifically working towards providing access to testing and vaccines to our community.