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Classified Position Descriptions

Physical Demands and Work Requirements Descriptions
  1. Custodian, Head Custodian, Lead Custodian
  1. Groundskeeper-Maintenance, Maintenance II, Computer Network Technician, Computer Network Specialist, Courier
  1. Nutrition Services Assist. I, Nutrition Services II, Nutrition Services Lead, Nutrition Services Specialist
  1. Educational Assistant, Library Assistant, School Assistant, Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant, Head Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Program Secretary, Receptionist, Athletic Secretary/Bookkeeper, Home School Contact, Student Data System Specialist, Assistant Student Data System Specialist, Parent Involvement Specialist, Site Supervisor-8-15
  1. Health Assistant, Career and Service Learning Specialist, Special Educational Assistant, Educational Assistant, (Early Childhood Education), Early Childhood Education Instructor, In-School Suspension, Campus Monitor

Position Descriptions


Early Childhood
Nutrition Services
Secretaries and Receptionists