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As part of the Districts' work connecting to the community, the Secondary Pathways department has been looking for interested businesses that are willing to share their contact information and a short description of what student opportunities they would like to partner with us on.  

High School 2.0

While there have been many successes with the small school model, including strong relationships and increased graduation rates, there are problems of equity that must be addressed. For this reason, the High School 2.0 Task Force has been formed, with its goal to identify the strengths and gaps in the current HS system and recommend reforms that would retain its strengths, solve for its gaps, create ample post-secondary pathway opportunities and remove barriers to them, so that all students have maximum access to post-secondary pathways and dual credit. 


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Escuela Preparatoria 2.0

Si bien ha habido muchos éxitos con el modelo de escuela pequeña, incluidas relaciones sólidas y mayores tasas de graduación, existen problemas de equidad que deben abordarse. Por esta razón, se formó el Grupo de Trabajo de Escuela Secundaria 2.0, con el objetivo de identificar las fortalezas y las brechas en el sistema HS actual y recomendar reformas que retengan sus fortalezas, resuelvan sus brechas, creen amplias oportunidades de caminos postsecundarios y eliminar las barreras para ellos, de modo que todos los estudiantes tengan el máximo acceso a caminos postsecundarios y crédito dual.
  • Giving Feedback: If you would like to give feedback to this or other proposals, you can do so asynchronously or live. Here's how:
    • Give the team Asynchronous Feedback: If you'd like to give asynchronous feedback, use this padlet for your comments. 
    • Give the team Live feedback during virtual Listening Sessions: Three Virtual Options
      • Thursdays during both lunches: 11:15-11:45 AM & 12:10-12:40 PM
      • Thursdays after school: 3:30-4:00 PM
      • Fridays before school: 7:45-8:15 AM
    • Give feedback in person: by appointment - Contact Laurie Cooper - xt8051 or via email
  • Who to contact: If you have questions, concerns or needs related to HS Reform/2.0 decision making processes, contact me, Laurie Cooper, at ext. 8051 or by email and we can set up a meeting
  • Making a Proposal: If you want to propose a system or process, these two slides can refresh your memory on that process.
Reformation Final Decisions
Updates for April 8, 2022
  • Advanced Courses (IB/AP) and College Credit Decision: The decision has been made to phase out the IB program. 
    • Thank you to those who presented proposals and provided feedback. This was a difficult decision. 
      • Students will have equitable opportunities through other advanced options moving forward
      • Cost was the deciding factor: the IB program costs on average twice as much per credit as Willamette Promise and AP
      • Juniors in the IB program will have the option to continue with their IB courses next year. 
  • AVID: The AVID program, which previously was offered in two of the four schools, will now be scaled across the campus. Teachers will be trained over the next several years. 
  • CTE Programs: Current CTE programs will remain for next year, to the extent possible. A process for ongoing refinement of CTE pathways will be put in place beginning next year. 
Decisions and processes that are in progress: 
  • Course Progressions: SS and Science teachers who choose to do so will collaborate to propose unified course articulations
  • Staffing: What teachers will teach; secretarial support in a campus system; leadership structures, etc.
  • Spaces: Assignment of classrooms, offices and other spaces that are most supportive to students
  • Master Schedule: We are waiting on a new institution identification number from Oregon Dept of Ed in order to build the master schedule
  • Restorative Practices Proposal: This has been presented to the feedback team and awaits administrative discussion and decision
There is a lot going on, and we are focused on ensuring that when decisions are made, we are balancing the need for expediency with giving ourselves enough time to make thoughtful and high quality decisions. We know that these decisions are on your minds, and we will continue to push forward as quickly as we are able. If you have questions, please reach out. 
You can find the latest decisions on the Decisions page linked here.