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Distance Learning for All

Teachers, principals, and support staff are working to support our students and we are learning a lot about how to continue school through Distance Learning for All Students. Distance learning is any learning that happens when teachers and students are in different places.

Teachers will be developing learning materials that can be worked on independently at times that can fit into a family schedule. Learning materials may be mailed, picked up at school, accessed on-line, delivered by phone, and/or received and returned in other ways. Teachers and schools will also have multiple ways of connecting with students and families.

While the internet is not necessary for Distance Learning, our schools will also be contacting you about ways you might be able to get internet service at no cost. Your schools will continue to work with you to find the best way to support learning for your student.

Importantly, we want to continue our school support for essential physical needs like food, clothing, and shelter, social and emotional health and safety needs, and learning needs that will allow our students to continue their learning into next year.