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Good News!

The Woodburn School District Office and Maintenance have been certified as an EarthWISE business. This means that we are following good practices in recycling and conservation. Woodburn School District will be included in Marion County's EarthWISE Business Member Directory, posted on Marion County Public Works- Environmental Service's website: and will be recognized in a wide range of advertising mediums throughout Marion County such as newspaper, radio, and television advertisements.

Conservation Measure Used At This Time

WSD utilizes software management tools to automatically shut down all computers every evening. We also began investing in server virtualization in 2008 to eliminate physical servers and save on server hardware and the costs associated with cooling data and network operations centers.

  • On-site recycling program
  • Janitorial collection of recycling
  • Reusable dishware in kitchen
  • Fluorescent lamps with T8 electronic ballasts
  • Bulk purchase of office paper and toilette paper
  • Purchase of paper with 30% recycled content
  • Purchase of environmentally friendly cleaning products