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New Teacher Mentor Program

Woodburn School District believes that:
    • Good teachers are at the center of successful education and every child has the right to high-quality teaching.
    • High standards for educators and teachers are important and require an New Program environment that supports their achievements.
    • Lifelong learning is essential to the health and quality of our teachers and our school district.
    • The most effective way to improve teacher practice is to provide mentoring 
    •  learning outcomes for students.
  • where the teacher, the student, and the content are interacting.
  • New teachers who are provided effective, job-embedded mentoring improve

Woodburn’s Mentoring Program provides research-based professional development to new teachers right in the classrooms where they are teaching. All new teachers receive this mentoring support for 2 years. Woodburn’s program is based on research from the New Teacher Center in Santa Cruz, California, and is part of a coalition of districts committed to improving student learning by improving the practices of their teachers.

Woodburn’s Mentoring Program also includes specific mentoring and coaching for Special Education teachers around compliance, inclusion, interventions, integration of technology, and best practices.

News and information in support of the mentoring program

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New Teacher Center

Marilyn McCully, Ed.D.
Amy Stephens
Serge Lopez
 Marrilyn McCully, Ed.D.  Amy Stephens  Serge Lopez
New Teacher Mentor
Phone: 503-981-2725
New Teacher Mentor
Special Education
New Teacher Mentor
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