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Family University

FamU means Family University!  And it’s learning for the entire family!
Due to the current restrictions in place by order of Governor Kate Brown, FamU for 2020-2021 will look quite a bit different than it has in the past.
During Nov-Dec 2020 we will offer FamU Connect!  This is an in-person one-to-one appointment-based opportunity for parents to come in with their student device and receive help on how to access learning.  This is for people who are struggling to connect to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) as well as other apps or programs, such as:
  • Google Classroom
  • Class Dojo
  • MyON
  • Imagine Learning
  • And many More!
In addition to software support, FamU Connect! will support hardware as well.  We are offering the current hardware supports:
  • Device won’t power on
  • Device won’t connect to internet
  • Missing cables/adaptors
  • Battery issues
  • Wifi problems
  • And much more!
FamU Connect! is also supporting the behavioral side of CDL with guidance for parents who are struggling to help their student engage in the curriculum.  
FamU Connect! Is available to all WSD families for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays by Appointment Only.
To Schedule an Appointment just text the word “FAMU” to 503-308-9272
Coming for 2021...
Beginning January 2021 FamU Online will begin.  This will include two components:
  • FamU Connect! will continue (see above)
  • FamU Online! will begin!
FamU Online! Will bring your favorite Family University learning choices to a screen near you!  Planned classes currently include the following:
  • GED
  • English for Adults
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Beginning Adult Literacy
As well as family-friendly classes to include:
  • Art
  • Nutrition 
  • and Zumba!
More information will be provided here soon!