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This page provides information on programs administrated by Mr. Price, including ASC, TAG, Migrant, Summer School, and More.


Emergency Support & Supervision Program Coming

The governmental lockdown and other problems resulting from the COVID-19 crisis has meant big changes in how ASC operates.  Since March, ASC has been tasked with a myriad of tasks, and we readily rise to the occasion each time.  These have and continue to include the following:  Food Distribution, Online programming, Supply Distribution, Emergency Supervision Summer Camp, Hot Spot Distribution, and more.
Starting in January, ASC will again be embarking on a new journey.  While continuing to coordinate meal distribution, hot spot distribution, and maintain our current online programming, we have been tasked with the development of an emergency support and supervision program.  We are calling this program CHAMP CAMP (Crisis, Homeless, Advocated, Migrant and Personnel Children’s Afternoon and Morning Program).  This will be open to students currently without appropriate supervision or otherwise living in unsafe conditions as well as for the children of WSD staff working in the schools.
More information on this program will be coming soon.  At this point, we are hiring staff to fill the roles we need on site.  Please apply here:

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