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ASC, Title and Special Programs Staff Information

Welcome the the ASC, Title & Special Programs Staff Page!  Here you will find all of the tools and resources you need to be successful!
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Remind is a powerful communication tool, but it can be overwhelming if not monitored.  Messages from old classes or groups can get the better of you if not removed.  Here are some best practices.
  • Archive classes with which you are no longer connected.
  • Make sure Email notifications are turned on 
  • Download the apps and turn on those notifications as well
Help Articles
These are "Masters" and are not to be edited.   You will need to select "make a copy" and then edit the copy you make.  Then, rename the file to say "YOURNAME Timecard for Month of MONTH" and share it with [email protected] and [email protected]
If you had expenses related to the COVID-19 exposure quarantine, you may submit a claim with Workman's comp.  The forms are below. Please fill out BOTH of them and submit to Betty Wall. Questions? email [email protected]
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