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This is the parent/participant information page for After School Club camp-style programs.  For Winter 2021, this is called CHAMP CAMP!  More information to come soon!
Schedule:  CHAMP CAMP will operate Monday-Friday from 7:30-2:30.  After School Club for CHAMP CAMP will be available from 2:30-5:30. 
Qualifications:  Students are referred by school admin to attend CHAMP CAMP.  Unfortunately, we are unable to have open registration due to restrictions in place by the Oregon Department of Education and the Governor’s Mandates.  For additional information or to see if you qualify, please contact your school office and ask to speak with the Home School Contact (HSC).
Important Information for Families:
  • Students should not come to the program if they feel illness or have any symptoms of COVID-19, including:

    • Fever

    • Temperature over 99.9

    • Shortness of breath

  • Students must be picked up by 5:30PM.

  • Students should not bring anything from home. We will provide everything they need, including 3 meals and 2 snacks each day, blankets, computers, etc.

The program will be located at Washington Elementary School.
Parents & visitors are NOT allowed inside CHAMP CAMP due to COVID-19 restrictions without administrative approval.  During drop-off, parents will please bring their students to the front door/awning in front of the annex.  
  • Park in a designated parking space,

  • Please do not stop in the driveway.

  • Remain with your studet until they are received by staff.

  • Pass through the gate and go to the table.

  • Wait at the table for the greeter.

  • Do not go past the table.

  • Everyone must wash hands upon arrival.

  • Parents should remain outside of the building.

  • The greeter will take the student's temprature.  Students with a temperature over 99.9 will not be admitted.

  • After that, students may enter with the greeter.  They will remove shoes and jackets and place them in the bin before entering the classroom.

  1. Park in a parking space.

  2. Please do not block the driveway.

  3. Go through the gate to the desk.

  4. Ring the bell. Wait at the table for the greeter.

  5. Please wash your hands.

  6. Do not go past the table.

  7. The coordinator will check your ID and call for your student.

  8. Please wait for your student outside.