Salem Health Woodburn scheduling appointments for Covid-19 vaccinations to be provided April 1st – April 9th

Salem Health Woodburn will be scheduling appointments for Covid-19 vaccinations to be provided April 1st – April 9th Monday through Friday during clinic hours (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Please note that due to small supply of vaccine the event organizers ask that persons pre-register by using the phone number provided below.


  • As of March 31st, Marion County has started vaccinated those who qualify in Phase 1b Group 7 early. This includes the following:
    • Frontline workers as defined by CDC**
    • Individuals living in a multigenerational household » Multigenerational household means a household where:
      • People from three or more generations live, such as a home where an elder lives with a parent and grandchild;
  •         An individual or individuals residing with and caring for a relative who is not their own child (i.e. a grandchild, niece, or nephew)
  •         Adults 16–44 with one or more underlying health conditions with increased risk*
  •         All welcome regardless of immigration status.
  • Your information is confidential. No Insurance required. No I.D. required.

Hoe to Register:

  1.       Call Salem Health – Woodburn Clinic at 503-902-3900
  2.       Push #1 for Spanish or push #2 for English
  3.       Push #2 for Family Medicine

How to find additional vaccination locations:

This event is limited in size and may fill up quickly to locate other possible vaccination sites in Marion County please visit Marion County Health’s Vaccination Website (site below).

Marion County Vaccination Website:

Marion County Call Line:

  • Call line for those without internet access: 503-576-2828
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