WHS to participate in Vocal Justice’s first teacher fellowship

VocalJustice.org recently announced the first cohort of teachers selected from across the country that will lead in teaching the organization’s curriculum to educate underrepresented groups, Black and Brown youth to be more specific, to voice their opinions, and create change. Of course, it is open to all students at WHS. 

WSD’s Wellness, Business, and Sports School (WeBSS) teacher Charles Sanderson is among the first group of teachers selected to participate in the Vocal Justice Teacher Fellowship program. The 15 teachers selected are from across the country and the only schools that are participating this time around. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with this incredible opportunity for our students and community,” said Sanderson. “I often hear people talk about the ‘voiceless,’ but my students most definitely aren’t voiceless; they are just far too often unheard. Vocal Justice will give our students the skills and agency to speak up authentically and powerfully to create change on the issues that matter most to them and our community.”  

Vocal Justice’s mission as stated on their website is to “Empower undervalued Black and Brown youth to become socially conscious leaders, by teaching them how to communicate authentically and persuasively about social justice issues.” 

The curriculum of this program is comprised of three components that include self-awareness, social awareness, and social change. Students are thought to reflect on the people and places that have informed who they are today and where they are headed next. They learn how to identify the causes and consequences of structural oppression as well as different persuasion techniques and practices for public speaking. To learn more about Vocal Justice, visit their website at https://www.vocaljustice.org/  or check out the slide presentation below


How do students get involved?

Students that participate in this program will meet on Wednesday for one hour. This program is open to all students from any of the WHS schools. Students interested in this program reach out to Charles Sanderson at csanderson@woodburnsd.og







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