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Message from Superintendent

September 2023 - Welcome Back to School!

Dear Families,

Welcome back to school! We’re excited to be embarking on another exciting year of learning and growth. 

As we launch into the school year, I’m eager to share that our schools continue to prioritize fostering a safe, supportive and caring climate and culture. Our priority to start the year has been on developing relationships and a sense of belonging in our schools where each student is seen, connected, valued, and respected. One way in which we’re working to achieve this is through Positive Behavior Support Intervention Supports (PBIS) for all students. PBIS is a framework for creating safe, positive, equitable schools, where every student can feel valued, connected to the school community and supported by caring adults. When implemented with fidelity, PBIS improves social emotional competence, academic success, and school climate. Families can learn more about PBIS at home here

A positive and nurturing sense of belonging is essential for academic success, attendance, personal development, and our Woodburn Promise. 

Over the course of the last school year the Woodburn School District Strategic Plan was revised by staff, students, families, community members, and re-adopted by our School Board. Our Strategic Plan includes our mission, vision, values, goals and objectives. In our mission lies our Woodburn Promise, our promise to engage, inspire, and prepare each student to learn, lead, and contribute towards an equitable community, both local and global. It’s what our children need and deserve. 

Our Strategic Plan is our roadmap, it provides us with direction and the destination we aim to be at over the next three years through overarching goals. Our district goals are:

  • Each student graduates, prepared to pursue college, career options, and success in life.

  • Foster our culture of engagement and partnerships.

  • Strengthen our stewardship of public resources and community trust

We won’t reach these goals in isolation. We’ll reach these goals through collaboration and partnerships with our family and community. As we dive deeper into the school year, I encourage you to stay connected with our school community. Attend parent-teacher conferences, volunteer and engage in school events, and communicate with your child’s teacher and school. Your involvement helps us create a strong support system for our students. We strongly believe that when families are actively engaged in their schools, children are more likely to achieve their full potential.

Thank you once again for your continued trust and partnership. We are excited for what lies ahead this school year and look forward to witnessing the growth and achievements of our students. Together, we can continue to provide the best possible educational experience for your child.

Yours in service,

Juan Larios