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Budget Committee

Position Name Term Ends


John Rivas June 2024
2 Vacant June 2025
3 Vacant June 2023
4 Michael Vasquez June 2023
5 Elena Kalugin June 2023


Budget Calendar for 2023- 2024 Budget Revised/Readopted: 3-14-2022

July 6, 2022                        

Regular Board Meeting

Adopt Calendar for Budget Meetings

Deliver “Notice of Budget Committee Meeting” to Woodburn Independent

Publish “Notice of Budget Committee Meeting” in the Woodburn Independent (ORS 294.401 (5))

Publish “Notice of Budget Committee Meeting on Woodburn School District Website for at least the 10 days before the meeting.

(ORS 294.401 (5))

May 30, 2023                           

Work Session & First Budget Committee Meeting 5:45 pm

June 6, 2023

Second Budget Committee (if needed)

Deliver “Notice of Budget Hearing and Financial Summary” to Woodburn Independent

Publication of the “Notice of Budget Hearing and Summarized Budget” (Not more than 30 days nor less than 5 days prior to hearing.

(ORS 294.421 (2))

June 27, 2023                 

Regular Board Meeting – Budget Hearing:

Enact resolutions adopting the budget, making the appropriations, imposing and categorizing taxes

Deadline to certify the tax levy to Marion County Assessor

(ED-50 and M-5)