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Diverse in Culture; Unified in Mission
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Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission
Our promise is to engage, inspire, and prepare all students to learn, lead, and contribute toward a just community, both local and global.
Our Vision
Woodburn School District is an exceptional, equitable, and multilingual district, where all students are motivated, empowered, and prepared to succeed.
Our Values
Civic Responsibility
Cultural Diversity
Family and Community Partnerships
Celebrating the Last New Teacher Mentor Seminar for 2022 Featured Photo

Celebrating the Last New Teacher Mentor Seminar for 2022

Woodburn School District provides mentorship for new teachers in their first 3 years. Every year the District hosts 3 New Teacher seminars where they are provided professional development, collaboration, and inspiration. Pictured is our newest teachers and mentors.
Happy Retirement! Featured Photo

Happy Retirement!

12 fantastic employees will be retiring this year. See them here.
Pin Celebrates Ten or More Years of Service Featured Photo

Pin Celebrates Ten or More Years of Service

This year is the 2nd year since WSD started the recognition program that awards service pins to staff who have worked for WSD for more than 10 years. Pins are given on 5-year landmarks.

The following is a list of WSD employees who received their years of service pin.

Superintendent's Message

Hello Woodburn! 

We hope you have been enjoying using our new website and know that we are continuously making changes and improvements to improve our communication efforts.  

Thank you for your support as we continue to make improvements. The following are some of the new sections recently added to the WSD website.
Juan Larios