WSD Book Rooms Update

In order to support teachers in their implementation of best practice literacy strategies and structures, we are developing book rooms at each level in the WSD. Currently, each elementary and middle school has a book room, and work is currently being done to establish a book room on the high school campus. The Spanish and Russian sections of the HS book room will be completed first, with the English section to follow.  Book rooms are used for a variety of purposes; here are a few of them from our own Literacy Instructional Framework.

  • Be able to assess student reading levels formally and informally to match independent texts to readers
  • Students are able to engage in developing their own literacy when they have choice, read authentic texts (Brining & Horn, 2000).
  • Instruction and resources are geared to target the student’s zone of proximal development (Dixon-Krauss, 1995; Vygotsky, 1978)

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Book Room 1

Book rooms at Heritage Elementary School and Valor Middle School