HS Language Arts Proposed Materials Additions

In order to support our LA adoption and to provide students with a range of books to support their learning, we will continue to purchase books for our LA classrooms. Please follow the link below to see the list of books we plan to purchase this round. The books are also available for public viewing in the Teaching and Learning Department at 1390 Meridian Drive from 8:00-4:00. If you would like to arrange another time for viewing, or have questions or comments, please contact teaching_and_learn@woodburnsd.org.

HS Language Arts Proposed Book Order

Curriculum Mission

The Department of Teaching and Learning supports the instructional core within a bi-literate, intercultural context. We help to facilitate the improvement of knowledge and skills at all levels through facilitating data and evidence based collaboration through cycles of inquiry. Our goal is to provide an aligned, rigorous, K-12 curriculum across the district. We believe that providing a proficiency-based approach to instruction and assessment is critical to ensuring high levels of academic achievement that is equitable for all students.

Long Range Goals and Plan

  • Every teacher will have an instructional framework that details WSD’s beliefs and expectations around best practice in the academic content assigned.
  • Every teacher will have a yearlong scope and sequence of units aligned to Common Core State Standards.
  • Every teacher will have common formative assessment tools for each unit that help inform instruction and drive our cycles of inquiry.
  • Every teacher will work in collaboration with other professionals to support the students in their classrooms.
  • Every teacher will have support in implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum through collaboration, coaching, and district sponsored events (ie. science fair, music festival, art fair, etc.)


  1. Have a collaborative understanding of the Common Core State Standards
  2. Have a district wide Instructional Framework for Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  3. Have a scope and sequence for all courses taught in the district K-12