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High School Online Supplemental Learning Resources

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Woodburn School District compiled strategies and educational activities that families can use to keep students engaged in learning in the event of a school closure. Remote learning activities are organized by grade level and contain options across multiple subject areas, including consideration for student physical and mental wellness. Our goal is to provide a structure for at-home learning, so families have some activities to prevent regression and learning loss during an extended break. At this time, there is no expectation that teachers or parents provide extended resources, communication, or assess students during the closure. Students are not required to participate in remote learning but are encouraged to access the resources provided.

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    OverDrive/Sora: Trial app for accessing electronic and audio text, K-12


Newsela: Database of science and social studies articles at different reading levels 

  • Sign in with your school Google account credentials

Math-ck-12 : Grade level and topic specific math learning activities and practice

Khan Academy : Personalized math lessons

Math Worksheets: Free printable math sheets




TED Talks by Teens and Kids.

Project Explorer: Free videos from around the world exploring real life challenges.

American Archives: Access featured collections preserved in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

Write a reflection about the video you selected.

AACLanguage Lab: For students who use augmentative & alternative communication methods 

Duolingo: Personalized language instruction

English Media Lab: Interactive language practice

Vocabulary Practice: Vocabulary Quizzes

Khan Academy Hour of Code: Introduces students to computer programming.


Health & Fitness

Stemscopes: Sign in with your school account credentials

NASA TV: Search NASA’s database to see their entire collection of images, sounds, anad videos from space.

National Geographic: Online activities, articles and videos

Bringing the Universe to America’s Classroom: Online science activities and lessons


Yoga for Beginners: YouTube workout

HIIT Workouts for Beginners: YouTube workout

Nutrition for Teens: Article explaining the benefits of healthy nutrition.

Mindfulness: 30 minute mindfulness activities for teens Health and Fitness Videos for a variety of ages 

Clever: Access health materials through the Goodheart-Wilcox link in the Clever Portal. Use your school gmail username and password to access the portal.

Social Studies

College and Career



PBS Learning Media: Interactive activities  

Be the Change: Students identify and investigate a community problem and propose a solution. They then plan and implement action directed at solving the problem. 

The Oregonian: Current local news

All Sides: Current international news


Naviance : Use student login to access lessons

Oregon goes to College :Resources for families and students to prepare for education after high school

 (en Español)

EdReady: College exam preparation

Keyboarding: Students can learn how to type



Consuming & Creating Political Art: Students examine the history of political art. They then create their own murals, political cartoons or posters, demonstrating an understanding of social justice issues.

Google Arts and Culture Collection: Explore some of the world’s famous museums.

Act Up! Drama for Justice: Students write and perform a skit or monologue that brings awareness to a specific issue addressed in the text.