Lincoln Elementary School

Everyone teaches, everyone learns
  • Welcome to Lincoln Elementary
    - Avila ( artwork )
  • Our Fifth Grade Team

Lincoln Elementary Mission

Lincoln is a caring and courageous community where diverse learners thrive.

We Value

  • Family is the strongest influence on the development of an individual.
  • All people have equal inherent value.
  • Giving back builds a strong community.
  • Diversity is a strength.
  • Mutual integrity, trust, and respect are essential for healthy relationships.
  • Learning is the key to the well being and advancement of our world.
  • People are accountable for their choices.

Our School

Lincoln Elementary School is a K-5 school with 780 students. We are located in Woodburn Oregon. We offer two educational strands:

  • English Plus Spanish (30 minutes of Spanish instruction daily)
  • Two-way Bilingual (50:50) Spanish and English Program.

With the support of a 21st Century Schools Grant and a partnership with the city, Lincoln students can participate in an excellent afterschool program. Lincoln offers a fresh fruit and vegetable snack program that provides all students with a fresh fruit or vegetable snack every day!


Our focus at Lincoln is on reading, writing and mathematics, but students have access to a wide variety of educational programs. All students at Lincoln participate in Music, PE, Technology and Library programs in addition to their core curriculum. The Lincoln Elementary School building originally started out as Woodburn Junior High in 1962. It was re-dedicated as Woodburn Middle School (5th & 6th grades) in 1974. Woodburn continued to grow, and finally our building was re-dedicated as Lincoln Elementary School in 1990.