French Prairie Middle School

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2018-2019 Sports Coaches

8th grade Boys Basketball- A Team

Nabor Pina –

My name is Nabor Piña and I have been coaching basketball at French Prairie since 2010.  I am the 8th grade coach for both the boys and the girls.  Prior to coaching at the middle school level, I use to run an AAU basketball program that featured high schoolers from the Pacific Northwest.  During the spring and summer, my teams would travel the US playing competitive basketball with the aspiration of playing college basketball.

8th grade Boys Basketball- B Team

Martin Cortez –

My name is Martin Maldonado and I have been coaching basketball at French Prairie since 2016.  I am the 8th grade coach for the boys.  Sports have always been a passion of mine since I was a little kid.  In high school, I played soccer and basketball.  As a high school athlete, I learned that hard work was the key to success and that is what I hope to pass along to our kids at French Prairie.

7th grade Boys Basketball- A Team

Isaac Astorga-Trejo –

My name is Isaac Astorga and I am the 7th grade A team basketball coach. I am a Former college basketball player where my team was at one point ranked 7th in the nation and am currently working at Heritage Elementary as an Educational Assistant. I am Currently finishing my bachelors in business with a minor in Sports Management.


7th grade Boys Basketball- B Team

Albert Christensen –

Albert Christensen 48 yrs old
First Year Basketball Coach
Football  Coach 9 Years
Track      Coach 4 Years
Baseball Coach 1 Year
President of Woodburn Youth Football.
Coaching is what I love to do
Go Bulldogs!!!!