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Healthy and Safe Schools

Healthy and Safe Schools

On August 17, 2016, the State Board of Education adopted new rules related to school environmental health. The rules require school districts and public charter schools to develop a Healthy and Safe Schools Plan and to report findings of environmental testing to the public, if testing is conducted.

In cooperation, the Woodburn School District submitted its draft to the school board on September 15, 2016 and submitted to the state on October 1, 2016. The plan has been finalized and can be found here.

Key components of the plan shall include:

  • A plan to test for elevated levels of radon as required under ORS 332.167
  • A plan to test for and reduce exposure to lead in water used for drinking or food preparation 
  • A plan to reduce exposure to lead paint that includes the following compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule
  • A plan to implement integrated pest management practices as required under ORS 634.700 through 634.750. A list of approved pesticides can found here.
  • A plan to communicate results for all tests required under the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

Testing date(s) and results for lead in drinking water can be found here.

Although not required, our testing included testing for copper. A key part of our plan will be to test all drinking and food preparation sources annually.

Stay tuned for other useful links related to the health and safety of children, staff and community.