The Woodburn School District provides a
world class education to 5,600+ students
in grades K-12 across four elementary,
two middle and five small high schools.

Woodburn ASC Fees and Payment Information

Purpose:  Grant funding provided by the 21st Century Grant is directed at low income families.  As such, a sliding fee scale fee structure was developed to ensure that all funds are used appropriately and that grant funds are used for low income families.  Families who are not low income are also free to participate, but must pay their fair share of the costs for their student(s) to attend.

Fee Structure.  Payment for the Woodburn ASC is based on total household income and the number of students in the home.  After much research and alignment with similar programs, four tiers were developed based on Federal Poverty Guidelines. They are as follows:

  • At the Federal Poverty Level. Families pay 25% of the program cost*.
  • Earning double or 2X or 200% the Poverty Level; families pay 50% of the program cost*.
  • Earning triple or 3X or 300% the Poverty level; families pay 75% of the program cost*.
  • Earning quadruple or 4x or 400% above the poverty level. families pay the program cost*.In this way, we ensure the program sustainability, equity for all, and that grant funds are being directed at those students who need them most.A multi-student discount is available for more than one ELEMENTARY level student only.

Emergency Scholarships: 100% scholarships exist for families needing them. Please consult your school’s HSC or principal to request a 100% scholarship.

Income Verification.  ASC requests all families submit either 1040s or Form 4506T-Ez for each adult participating in the household for verification.  Without any income verification, all families are automatically billed for the full price.  Families have 7 days after registration to submit verification of income.  After 7 days any changes in income must be appealed to the Director.

Payment Schedule: The Woodburn ASC is a month-to-month arrangement.  All payments are made in advance of the month your student is attending.  For example, payments due by on the 25th of September are for October’s fees, those paid on the 25th of October are for November, and so forth.  Payments are processed on the 20th, DUE on the 25th and are LATE on the 1st. If payment is late, on the second day of the month the Site will contact the parent and ask them to contact the ASC office to make payment arrangements.  Parents may have up to 30 days to make satisfactory payment arrangements, and students may continue to attend during that time.  However, if at the end of the 30 days satisfactory progress has not been made to rectifying the payment issue, the student will be exited from the program.

Assistance Families should make payment on time OR contact the ASC office for assistance. We can offer flexible repayment or catch-up programs as needed, and payment forgiveness is also available based on documented circumstances.

Payments: Our Registration Processor automatically deducts any fees from the Parent Portal Account. Parents may replenish their Portal Account by any of the following methods:

  • Log in to the Parent Portal and make a payment.
  • Give a check to the Site Leader
  • Bring a check, cash, or credit card to the Welcome Center.
  • Activate monthly replenishment by coming by or calling the Welcome Center.

Payment Methods. Payment may be made in the following ways:

  • Checks may be accepted at the ASC Office or the Site Leader. The After School Program is unable to accept postdated checks for payment on account.
  • Cash may be accepted ONLY at the ASC Office.
  • Credit/Debit Cards may be accepted ONLY at the ASC Office or ONLINE.
  • Automatic payments are available by contacting the ASC Office.

First Come, First Served Students are accepted for membership in the program in the order in which they are registered. The only exception are for Emergency Administration Requests that are based on satisfying the emergency safety needs of the student, typically homelessness, domestic violence, or similar concerns. Please consult your school’s HSC or principal to request emergency expedited registration.

Wait Lists. Due to the high quality and low cost of the program, there usually exists wait lists at each site. Students are released from the Wait lists as staffing levels permit, or when another student leaves the program, in the order in which they registered.

Activity Fees If a parent elects to enroll a child in an activity with a participation fee (field trip, golf, etc.), the parent will be responsible for any cost incurred by the After School Program for the extra activity. Advance notice of the date and cost of the activity will be given. All activity fees are non-refundable.

Returned Check Fee $25 for each returned check, plus any additional fees we are charged by either our bank or yours.

Late Payment of Tuition Fee A fee of $1 per day will be added automatically when tuition payments are made after the 1st of the month, unless other arrangements are made with the Director.

Late Pickup Fee.
– The Program ends at 5:30. A late pickup fee of $1/minute/child will be charged to parents picking up children after 5:45 p.m.

  • Unless other arrangements have been made with The Director, we reserve the right to dismiss a child after the third instance of late pickup.
  • In the event a parent experiences a true emergency, the program should be notified as soon as possible, by 6PM if at all possible. If no contact has been received, attempts will be made to contact persons on the child’s emergency list. If child is not picked up by 6:45 p.m. local authorities may be called.

Inclement Weather/Breaks/Holidays. Credit is NOT given for inclement weather when the program is closed, for holidays, breaks, vacations, or other times when school is closed.

Statements of Account. As a courtesy to our parents, year-end tax statements will be available on the Parent Portal. Parents needing a statement that do not have a parent portal should stop by the ASC Office and we will help you create one.

Refunds If you withdraw completely from Woodburn ASC, any available and unused funds in the Parent Account may be refunded to you. Please allow a full 60 days for this process to occur to ensure there are no outstanding charges on your account and to process your request. Submit your request to the ASC Office for processing.

*In order to ensure the program was sustainable and to allow families to adjust to the new payment schedule, the Program Cost has been adjusted on a four-year schedule, as follows: for 2019–2020 the total “Program Cost” is capped at about half of the total per-student cost (or $1000). It will increase 25%–33% per year until it reaches the true Program Cost, adjusted for inflation (estimated at $2000).