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Woodburn High School Campus Distance Learning

Distance learning is a model for teaching and learning in which the teacher and student are not in the same location. Effective distance learning in our district will include the need to establish a variety of learning strategies, educational materials, and modes of distribution of materials and communication between teachers, students, and families. We will have to work together in close partnership and we will learn from each other as we go, working side by side to ensure learning for all of our students.

Key elements of our distance learning system will include:

  • All of us learning to do new things in new ways. We will lead work together with care, compassion, and support for the social and emotional learning needs for students, staff, and families.

  • Students and teachers connecting regularly using a variety of tools and supports. Some students may engage using resources found on this page or through connecting with their teachers through Google Classroom. Students can check their school email for Google Classroom messages. Others will receive packets through the mail.

  • Learning that is primarily asynchronous (not live), allowing students and families to work and learn on their own schedule depending on what might work best for family schedules and individual student learning.

  • Teachers, students, and support staff focusing their time together on the most relevant and essential learning and social-emotional.

  • Over time teachers will establish ways to monitor, track, and record student progress toward standards.

  • Establishing multiple and flexible pathways for students to earn credit on their pathway to graduation.

Thank you for your patience as we work together to keep students safe, engaged, and learning. If you have questions or are looking for additional resources to support your child’s learning, please contact one of the following:

  • Your child’s teacher or teachers
  • Your school administrator
  • Your child’s counselor

This Distance Learning Hub will house resources for you and your families to reference as you engage with Distance Learning. For students who have requested paper materials, those will be mailed home to you on Friday’s. For all other students, materials will be accessed through Google Classroom and email. This page will house information for accessing Google Classroom, as well as teacher Zoom Office Hours, and additional resources and learning opportunities to keep you engaged.

Thank you for working with us in support of our children!