WSD Bond Update - May 18, 2018

In May 2015, the Woodburn community approved a $65 million bond. We continue to make progress on bond-funded projects to add space for students, make major repairs to maintain our schools, and improve security/technology systems. These proposed projects are scheduled along a 5-year timeline (2015-2019) for completion.

Nellie Muir Elementary

Heritage Elementary/Valor Middle School 

Lincoln Elementary/French Prairie Middle School

When the bond was passed projects were outlined for each school in the District. Before construction begins on the final three major projects funded by the bond, select committees at each school have participated in a visioning process to validate the plans and provide input to make sure that the final design meets the needs of students, staff, and community. 

Select committees at each school are made up of administrators, project manager (J.J. Henri Co. Inc.), architect (BLRB architects), principals and assistant principals, teachers and other representatives. 

These committees not only looked at their specific school's needs, they also considered how the plans fit in district-wide. They made sure the additional classrooms would meet the needs of projected enrollment. And, have identified areas for savings on construction costs with the oversight of the project manager and architectural firm.

In addition to a series of meetings at each school, two district-wide committee meetings were held. Representatives from each school came together to look at the educational needs across the District, as opposed to school-specific needs.

One of the adjustments to come out of this process is a realignment of construction goals for the elementary schools - an equalization among the schools to address growth and serve the current needs of Woodburn students.

Heritage is the largest elementary school in the district, with just under 900 students enrolled. Nellie Muir is the smallest elementary - it serves under 500 children. In 2020 when the construction projects are completed, all elementary schools in Woodburn will have close to the same number of classrooms and roughly the same square footage on each site.



Moving some of the future classroom capacity to Nellie Muir was found to have positive aspects for entire district.  With a lot of growth underway near Nellie Muir, increasing the capacity on site, will reduce the amount of transportation of students to other elementary schools, as well as the number of cars in the drop-off/pick-up lanes. After hearing from the school representatives, the architect will work into the design concepts elements that maintain the small community feel in a larger environment, such as community space. 

Another example that was identified in the validation process was that Heritage did not need the gymnasium that was planned for the school. By moving some of Heritage’s planned capacity to other schools, it eliminated the need for the additional gym.  Nellie Muir, which does not currently have a dedicated gym, will now have one added on. The validation process also identified that while Heritage did not need an additional gym, the school did need additional shelving space in the library.  As a trilingual school, the space requirements for resources are much different than a typical elementary school!

As every building addition is reviewed, the cost and constructability is considered in how square footage  is added.  An example that was identified at Lincoln Elementary was that it wasn’t cost-effective to add onto the existing gymnasium to meet the school’s needs because of how it’s located within the building. Similarly, representatives from Lincoln expressed that the library is adequately sized so there wasn’t a need to add on program space there. Other changes like this are expected in the next phase as the committees vet the practicality, or lack thereof, to enlarge program space at the schools.

FIVE guiding principles were established for all projects that the architect will consider when finalizing design concepts: 

 1. Learner-focused campus

2. Safe Environment

3. Flexible, Adaptable, and Agile (Environment)

4. Accessible and Adaptable Technology (Infrastructure)

5. Foster Diversity and Community Inclusion

The next steps in the planning process for these three construction projects is a series of Design Charatte meetings for the select committees over the next month. They will look at proposed designs from the architect and provide input to aid in the finalization of a Site Plan and Floor Plan Concepts. The finals plans will be presented at two meetings this summer for the approval before beginning the process of permitting projects with the City of Woodburn. The project timeline estimates construction to begin near the end of 2019 and be completed in 2020.     

Washington Elementary 

Construction of a 2-story addition is underway on the Washington Elementary site, which includes underground water lines for fire suppression system; Fire Department access roads; storm water management system; new covered play area; bus turn-around and staff parking; and a new gymnasium building.  Take a look!

New! We’ve dedicated an album on Facebook to all the construction photos specific to the Washington Elementary site. Please visit here! 

If you’d like to check in on the progress, the school district has a web camera on the site so you can follow along day-to-day! To see what’s going on in real-time, please visit

Success High School 

A new high school building for the Success Alternative program. A community meeting space will be included in construction. On the campus, a solar array is being installed to provide green energy, as well as educational opportunities. The Groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 8, 2017. Completion is expected by September 2018 in time for the next school year. Recently, walls have gone up, the roof work has begun, and the building is starting to take shape.

New! We’ve dedicated an album on Facebook to all the construction photos at Success High School, please visit here!

If you’d like to see daily progress, you can follow along and watch online the new Success high School take form. Just visit the BOND UPDATES page on the website ( and check out what’s going on!

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