WSD Bond Update - June 2017

In May 2015, the Woodburn community approved a $65 million bond. We continue to make progress on bond-funded projects to add space for students, make major repairs to maintain our schools, and improve security/technology systems. These proposed projects are scheduled along a 5­year timeline (2015-2019) for completion.

Washington Elementary

Construction has begun with the demolition of the blue Lincoln residence on the site of the expansion. The bid for the second phase – remodel and renovation – will be awarded soon. The School District is working with the contractors to reduce costs as elements of the bid have increased substantially since the time of estimation.

Before & After: 

Success High School

The land use for the Success site is under review by the City at present. The property is being consolidated with the site that the Welcome Center/District Office building is on. 

The planned solar array project bid has been extended to June 1. Since the project was estimated the cost of the panels has decreased, which will allow for two phases of the projects to be completed for the estimated cost on just one phase. 

Woodburn High School

The first phase of the bond-funded fire sprinkler installation project is underway with design being completed. The fire sprinkler project will be completed in two phases over the summers of 2017 and 2018.

The classroom restoration project—not funded by the bond–is underway with demolition being the first step. The project bid was awarded to Woodburn Construction.

The conceptual design of the Career and Technical Education building has been finalized.

Welcome Center/District Office

The District Welcome Center is nearly complete. The final item to complete this remodel project is the screening of the HVAC roof unit. The additional weight on the roof caused by the requirement to add a screen, has necessitated structural support being added. Two wood columns are being added to the top floor of the building.

Seismic Upgrade Grants - The Woodburn School District was awarded two grants totaling $3 million from the Infrastructure Finance Authority. The funds will be used for seismic upgrades to Washington and Lincoln Elementary Schools. Community approval for a bond in 2015 helped the school district leverage some of the funding from the Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program. A significant amount of the work funded by the grant will be completed concurrently when bond funded projects are underway. The remainder of 2017 will be used to design the needed upgrades with construction taking place in 2018. Work is expected to be completed on both facilities in December of 2018.

Heritage Elementary and Valor Middle School - Roofing projects are out to bid currently. The design of Valor Middle School expansion will begin in the fall with construction expected to begin summer 2018.

Nellie Muir Elementary - The Hayes Street development has put the project on hold until some of the roadway issues are cleared up.