WSD Bond Update - Sept/Oct 2016

In May 2015, the Woodburn community approved a $65 million bond to invest in major maintenance and repairs for schools, improve safety and technology, and add classroom space. The proposed projects are scheduled on a 5-year timeline for completion. Thank you for signing up to receive updates from Woodburn School District on bond projects.


The Bond Advisory Accountability Committee (BAAC) met recently on August 24, 2016 and welcomed a new participant, former school board member David Vancil, to its group. The BAAC will meet next at 6:30 pm on October 26, 2016 in the District Office Board Room at 1390 Meridian Drive, Woodburn.


The facility design for the New Success High School was recently completed! Construction was projected to be completed mid-2017 however, due to restricted vehicle access to the proposed site the project has been placed on hold, pending resolution of an access easement issue. We’ll continue to provide updates as to when the easement issue is resolved and the construction phase is able to begin. 



A new design for Washington Elementary expansion was presented to the Bond Advisory Accountability Committee on August 24, 2016 and the Woodburn School Board on September 15, 2016. Site planning continued throughout the summer, and two neighboring homes were purchased to provide safe access to the site. These two properties have been declared Surplus property by the School Board and will be scheduled for operations training for the Woodburn Fire Department.

Phase 1 of the construction was relocating the portables on site. This is temporarily delayed due to pending approval of the overall site plan by the City of Woodburn. The City has requested modifications to the proposed emergency vehicle access route, which affected the relocation of three portable classrooms. Currently the project is scheduled to be completed over Winter Break with students occupying the classroom upon their return January 2017. Even though this project has seen a slight delay by not being able to remove the portables before school started, the project management and construction team have been able to advance other major maintenance and repair projects.


The project management and construction teams continue to make progress on major repairs to our facilities, as well. At the high school, preliminary planning is underway to repair and upgrade six classrooms areas that were damaged in the fire. Plans to install sprinklers are moving forward to improve safety and will be scheduled for installation in schools over the next three to four summers. Roof repairs or replacement will start at Heritage and Valor Middle Schools sometime in October. It is anticipated that these roofing projects will be completed by the end of next summer.


As you may recall, renovating this building was the first bond project tackled because it did not disrupt student learning and helped the school district meet a requirement to spend 5% of bond funds within the first six months. This summer, the Welcome Center and District Office building was completed and occupied by staff. The move in was granted under a temporary permit.

The City of Woodburn has required that the District install equipment screening materials around the rooftop mechanical equipment to obstruct it from public view. The project team developed several options to meet the ordinance requirements and will present to the City for review and approval. Once approved, the required screening can be installed and the building will receive the Permanent Occupancy permit from the City of Woodburn.

If you have any questions about these projects or others, please contact Superintendent Chuck Ransom at (503) 981-2727 or email him at


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